Utah DABC Alcohol Server Training Program

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UT Alcohol Server plus Food Handler

Both Learn2Serve Certificates Accepted by Utah $36.90

Utah Alcohol Server Certification

3 Year Learn2Serve On-Premises Approved by State of Utah $15.95

Utah ANSI Food Handler Certificate

3 Year Learn2Serve Certificate Accepted by Utah $21.95

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Why People Choose us for Utah Alcohol Server Seller Training

  • Utah Accepted

This Learn2Serve Alcohol Server Course & Exam meet all Utah DSAMH Requirements

  • Customer Service

We have free 24 Hour Live Customer Support for questions by phone  1 (877) 881-2235 or Live Chat

  • Course Speed

Take your Alcohol Server Seller Course hassle free. All courses and exams are 100% online

  • Printable Permit

Print your Certificate / Card upon exam completion. We report your certification status as required

  • Experienced

15 years of partnership with Learn2Serve. We have trained thousands of  Utah Alcohol Sellers and Servers

  • Alcohol - Food Handler

Save money & time on Alcohol Server / Seller and Utah Approved Food Handlers Certificates

How to Get or Renew Your Utah Alcohol Seller Server Certificates

Utah Requirements for Alcohol Sellers

alcohol seller server certification

Utah Alcohol Server - What Happens Next

  • After choosing your course you will be transferred to the Utah Alcohol Seller/ Server enrollment page to enroll
  • After enrolling, you will receive a confirmation email with your chosen username and password along with your specific course / exam instructions
  • The Responsible Beverage Service Course and Food Handler Course are self-paced. However, once the exams are started you must finish it in one sitting
  • After you pass the exam, you may then print your 3 year Certificate of Completion and or 3 year Food Handler Certificate or 5 year EASY Certificate.
  • Learn2Serve will send your course completion information to the ABC and or CDPH as warranted.

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Utah Alcohol Server Certification

5 Year Learn2Serve Off-Premises Approved by State of Utah $15.95

UT Easy Off-Premises plus Tobacco Seller

Both Learn2Serve Certificates Accepted by Wisconsin $18.95

Utah Easy Off- Premises plus ID Checkpoint

5 Year Learn2Serve Certificate Accepted by Utah $18.95

UT Alcohol Seller Server Course Topics

Alcohol laws dealing with minors • Tobacco Laws and minors •Laws concerning intoxicated persons • Dram Shop Liability • Why I need my Utah Alcohol Server or EASY training • Preventing Intoxication • Identifying minors •How to examine identification and spotting fake ID • What to do when intervention attempts fail •Alcohol effects on the body • Utah law enforcement and enforcement operations • Alcohol poisoning • and more

Utah Food Handler Course Topics

General overview of food safety •Who enforces food safety • Identifying food-borne illness and what causes it• Why I need Utah approved Food Handler • Identifying biological, physical, and chemical contamination • Importance of temperature control • Proper personal hygiene •Appropriate procedures for receiving and storing food • Proper cleaning and sanitation

Utah Department of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

195 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Phone: (801) 538-3939
Fax: (801) 538-9892

Utah Department of Health

Utah Department of Health
P.O. Box 141010
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1010

About: SellerServerTraining.com

We are the online version of the Dram Shop School one of the nation’s first Alcohol Seller Server training programs. We have trained thousands of bartenders, food servers, liquor and grocery store clerks, wineries, among other alcohol sellers and servers in Utah and nationwide. We have many years of experience in all aspects of the food and beverage industry from server to bartender to business owner.

In 2003 we formed an official partnership with 360training / Learn2Serve in order to offer online Alcohol Seller Server Certification training in Utah and Nationwide. We also provide Food Handler Certification.You can find our Utah Food Manager Certification at our partner website  FoodManagerOnline.com 
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President / CEO